Alloy Castings

Refractory Anchoring and Hanger Applications, Industrial Furnace Applications

Alloy castings are produced at ferrous foundries specializing in heat resistant and corrosion resistant high alloy stainless steels.
Applications for heat resistant alloy castings include refractory anchoring for monolithic linings and hangers for refractory tiles. Alloy cast hangers, riders and rolls are designed for continuous casting, reheat, quenching and tempering furnaces . Alloy castings are used in cement and lime plants for cooling grates, heat treat industries find uses as grates, baskets and high temperature fixturing.

Additional alloy casting available are produced in chromium, molybdenum abrasion resistant white iron, NiHard, NiResistant, carbon and low alloy steels, tool steels, grey iron, ductile iron, nickel and cobalt.

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Anchoring and reinforcements for Refractories
Concrete Floor Armor


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Alloy Castings

Various styles, high temperature alloys many stock items.

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